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Fixed jack competition

Each bowler plays three games, each game is 16 ends

Rules of play

Golf tees indicate full length and minimum length at each end.

The jack is placed on the tees.

Two ends of each length are played.

First drawn name chooses which length is played first e.g. two long followed by two short or two short followed by two long. (It helps if the marker indicates this at the side of the card, L or S, before the game starts).

The mat stays at two metres from the ditch on all ends, i.e. the front of the mat up to the first tee.

If the jack is moved it is replaced on the tee.

Player with shot wood takes the mat for the next end.


Points should total 10 for each end unless a wood (or woods) have gone into the ditch. If this occurs, the Markers should put a “D” on the card for every ditcher. A toucher in the ditch is still live and scores the relevant points.

Shot wood

4 points

Second wood

3 points

Third wood

2 points

Fourth wood

1 point

Don Stanton Cup

Saturday 15th June 2019

This year’s top three

1st Dennis Carr (centre), 269 points.

2nd Martyn West (right) 264 points

3rd “Tiger” Kolasinski (left) 260 points.