Westcliff Trophy Day

Sunday 14th July 2019, 09:15 for a 09:30 start

Generously sponsored for over 20 years by

Westcliff Financial Services

The rules

Greys to be worn.

Four games of two wood triples.

No trial ends, all shots count on all ends.

Games are 55 minutes or 9 ends, whichever comes first.

Bell will sound at 55 minutes and the jack must be set for the end to be played.

No visits to the head, skips must leave the head together.

A tied end is a played end.

Team responsible for a dead end will forfeit one shot and lose the mat. The end is counted as a played end.

If a team withdraws, the opposition will be awarded 2 points and a shot difference of 5 shots.

Substitutes are allowed but cannot skip.

Points are awarded - 2 points for a win, 1 point each for a draw.

If teams have the same points total the winner will be decided by

Highest shot difference

Most ends won

Highest number of shots scored.

Four games of two wood triples, each one hour duration.

Morning coffee, afternoon tea and a hot evening meal but bring your own lunch.

Bar open all day.

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