Club Officials 2017/2018

Following the 2017 Annual General Meeting, this is a full list of the Club’s Officials for 2017/2018.




Club Chairperson

Dave Bleasdale

Club President (one-year term)

Averill Goacher

Club Vice President (President Elect for 2018)

Gordon Sansam

Club Secretary/Membership Secretary

Mike Butt

Club Treasurer

John Whitlow

Assistant Treasurer

Jane Sansam


Jane Sansam

Ben Benstead

Vice Captain

Pauline Wynne

Martin Paterson

Match Secretary

Pauline Wynne

Tony Morgan

Competition Secretary

Lesley Paterson

Keith Wheeler

County Representative

Averill Goacher

John Whitlow

Members' Representative on M.M.C.

Lesley Paterson

Graham Wilkinson

Bowling Committee Secretary

Janet Field

John McKenzie

Bowling Committee Representative

Jan Matthews

Les Cox

Greens manager

John Taylor

Bar Manager

Eddie Hopkins

Property Manager

Hospitality Officer

Martin Paterson

Social Co-ordinator (Summer)

Health and Safety Committee

Jane Sansam, Sylvia Noyes, Brian Underhay, Roy Powell

Child Protection

Sylvia Noyes, Lesley Paterson, Derek Underhay

Selection Committees



Jane Sansam, Captain

Ben Benstead, Captain

Pauline Wynne, Vice Captain

Martin Paterson, Vice Captain

Norma Counsell

Clive Hughes

Judith Hughes

John Main

Mo Tucker

Graham Wilkinson

If you have any queries, suggestions or comments concerning bowling or selection matters, please do not hesitate to raise them with your elected representative on the relevant Bowling Committee.

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